Victorian Christmas Card

This is quite an unusual Christmas card. It is addresses to Madge – who ‘could’ be Margaret Charlton nee Hedley (Esther’s mother). From an Aunt Mary – Not entirely sure.

However, what makes it somewhat unique is that it is an envelope marked:

Safe Custody

Martins Bank Ltd 18 Oct 1951, Consett

Although I do suspect that the two were not paired together initially.

Inside the Christmas card is a lovely verse:

To Madge

A Happy Christmas

Gladness be with you
And sunshine o’er you
Love light the pathway
That stretches before you.

From Aunt Mary

Slipped into the card is a photograph of a grave and a tiny slip of newspaper which reads:

Our darling child has gone to sleep,
Her little head is free from pain,
And now for her we mourn and weep
On earth she’ll never wake again.

Ever remembered by her loving father and mother.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know anything about Aunt Mary or her lost daughter – but I shall endeavor to try to find out.